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We are a fun filled musical family located in the beautiful state of Maryland! We love to just be a family and enjoy the blessings and love that are part of that. We started on our journey to becoming a Coton family about 6 years ago when we met one for the very first time in our lives while on a relaxing family trail walk. We, like many others, had never heard of the breed. We have collectively had several different kinds of dogs in our lives, toy and standard poodles, collies, and greyhounds, as well as a few mutts we saved. We never could seem to find the perfect fitting indoor companion dog for our immediate family.
We had always wanted an indoor dog that wouldn’t affect the allergies and was small but sturdy enough to handle an energetic family. Cotons very rarely affect people with allergies and are very sturdy dogs. We wanted a dog that was smart, not yappy like most toy breeds, and were long haired beauties full of loving joyful personality and fun. They are considered the best anti-depressant dog. Their luxurious coat is so cuddly. Meeting the Coton was the answer. That was THE dog we had wanted for so long! The more we learned about them we knew we had to have more than one and so our quest to find them began. After intense, time-consuming research, we decided to get ours through mCTCA Code of Ethics breeders. These breeders work diligently to continue the true Malagasy Coton de Tulear through careful breeding practices. We were excited to learn about the color variations in the true Malagasy Cotons. You can learn more about the mCTCA and the story of the Cotons introduction to the United States on our History page. We contacted Kelli Paris of Cotons on the Cumberland in Kentucky and quickly knew that we wanted one of her pups. So that is how Rimsky joined our family. And Minuet soon followed from Great Lakes Cotons in Illinois. Our dogs have to undergo a battery of strict health tests and follow special guidelines in order to be approved as breedable. Careful genetic planning, proper health care and socialization, as well as beginning training and lots of love make our Cotons the wonderful forever family members so many Coton owners love. We hope we can help you in your search for a beautiful Coton de Tulear!