History of the Breed

Our breed is the Coton de Tulear (pronounced "coe-TAWN de TULE-ee-r). Their ancestors were brought to the United States in 1974 from Madagascar by Dr. Jay Russell. Today, there are 2 standards of Coton de Tulear: Malagasy and European. Ours are Malagasy. A very detailed resource about our breed history is at: https://www.malagasycotonclub.org/history-in-united-states.html

European Coton's are a few pounds lighter and mostly all white, with a brown or black nose.

Malagasy Cotons are a diverse group that embraces all colors: White, Tricolor and Black & White. Some are small and some a little bigger, but not too big.  If Tricolor, they will be born with some color; white, brown and black. But color will usually fade as they get older, some even fade all the way to white and some will keep a little bit around the ears and face.  A very small number will keep more of the color all over the body. A black and white is the rarest of colors and doesn't fade as much, but the black on the face will usually turn silver or gray over time. We love the color of the Malagasy Cotons.

Here is a short fun video about the breed in general, starring a cute cruising white coton, featured on Animal Planet: